Poultry gas brooders for heating

Lampada a gas per riscaldamento

Poultry gas brooders for heating

Poultry gas brooders for heating or filter free gas brooder is an efficient and economical heating system into the poultry farm.
The easy assembling and the filter free working make the device the most flexible system for poultry heating.
Stainless steel gas brooders we manufacture and supply comply with european norms for LPG supply. Our poultry gas brooders for heating are called Calypso (here can found our catalog).


Positioning into the poultry farm

Thanks to the long-standing fieldwork and gained experience, it is recommended to install and place the heating system, calibrated according to the room dimensions and animal density, in the middle of the poultry farm (for example a central row of gas brooders along the lenght of the room regulated by automated systems for environment temperature control). The device is especially designed for day-old chicks heating and weaning period.

Poultry gas brooders for heating


5 reasons to prefer “CALYPSO”:

Poultry gas brooders for heating are designed to operate in a dusty atmosphere.
The absence of the air filter and the special stainless steel diffuser mesh allow a better and uniform gas distribution with consequent self-cleaning effect, optimal combustion, higher thermal efficiency and lower carbon dioxide output.

• higher thermal efficiency and performance with limited gas consumption therefore savings in terms of heating costs;
• reliability and safety, since the device is provided with a special valve which stops gas delivery in case of accidental extinguishing;
• a filter free and self-cleaning device allows less frequent maintenances then time savings for the breeder;
• lower carbon dioxide output hence to achieve a more confortable environment;
• wellness for birds results in more profitable conversion index.


Indication of use

 Specie di animali  Species of animals Served animals per unit Height from the ground

(min – max)

Polli da carne Broilers 600 -700 100 -150
Galline ovaiole Breeders 600 -700 160 – 220
Tacchini Turkeys 180 – 300 100 – 150
Faraone Guinea Fowl 300 – 450 100 -150
Anitre Duckes 300 – 450 100 – 160
Quaglie Quails 240 – 360 80 – 150
Fagiani Pheasants 240 – 360 120 – 180
Conigli Rabbits 24 – 36 120 – 180


Technical specifications

Type Max Heat Output Working pressure LPG consumption

at the maximum working pressure

Dimensions Weight
Watt Kcal/h Mbar mm Mbar mm gr/h mm Kg
TS31 4800 4130 80 800 200 2000 355 220×440 1,37


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