Poultry feeder: features and history

Poultry feeder

Poultry Feeder

Thanks to the long-standing experience gained into poultry domain, Contro Fratelli srl is specialised in manufacturing of quality breeding equipments for poultry and courtyard animals; such as chickens, layers, chicks, guinea fowls, geese, ducks, quails, turkeys, pheasants, etc….
The complete offer of poultry feeder (in addition to a full range of drinkers, cages and accessories) satisfy the requirements of the poultry breeding farms at any their step.

Poultry feeder in the past

In the past old pots, tins or gutter-type channels (trough), made according to breeders invention, were used as poultry feeders. Fragmented grains and/or cracked corn were the usual poultry feed, very attractive also for rodents which ate and got often dirty.
Since above mentionned containers were most of all positionned outdoors in runs, they filled with water when it rained resulting in swollen feed; so that not more desirable for animals and consequently creating considerable waste of it.

Poultry feeder features

Therefore, around the 1960s, the production and usage of the circular hopper feeders started.
They were in particular designed to:
– get the feed unaccessible for rodents, since they could be suspended during their usage;
– better dose the feed, thanks to the special hopper which grant a longer autonomy and the automatic filling up of the dish up as animals are eating;
– optimize the feed level into the dish, thanks to the drilled central stem which permits to adjust the gap between the cone and the dish according to the age of the animals;

– let the animals to prevent waste and eat comfortably (thanks to the circular shape and the gap between the cone and the dish resulting as an anti-scratch system and to the special double folded rim preventing the birds to ruin their wattle);
– carry out more easily and quickly the inspection, cleaning and desinfection operations, since the animal feed could not deposit into corners;
– grant the normal and correct management of the farm.

Poultry feeder and the rain

At a later time, in order to protect the feed to get wet, swollen or macerated (because of rain) and let it to still remain attractive for birds, a special raincover has been designed which, after inserting it on the cone, prevents the feeder would filled with rain. This device makes even now the hopper feeders versatile given that they could be efficiently used both indoors and outdoors.

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