Contro Fratelli: Our experience for breeders satisfaction

Contro Fratelli operates as a manufacturer with decades of experience in the field of equipment for breeding Poultry, rabbits and poultry in general (chickens, hens, chickens, guinea fowl, ducks, geese, quails, turkeys, pheasants, etc …).

Our products: practical, adaptable and flexible

The practicality of the products allows the farmer a smoother performance of routine transactions (cleaning and disinfection) necessary to ensure the normal and proper farming operation.

The adaptability and flexibility of products allow both to meet the needs of domestic livestock and do it yourself at every stage that the birds can eat and drink comfortably and grow in a healthy environment, clean and comfortable.

Volume reduction and easier management

New and diverse packaging solutions enable wholesalers, distributors, shops and agricultural a significant reduction in the volume of bulk and easier composition and identification of products and manipulation of the same currently receiving, relocation, exposure and resending resulting in significant savings in terms of both time and resources, then greater competitiveness of the product.

Faster delivery times

Delivery times fairly prompt provided for supplies allow to respond promptly and timely to customer requests resulting increase in the degree of satisfaction of the same.

Chi Siamo Contro

The company

Contro Fratelli, established in 1976 by converting a firm specialized in working pressed iron, produces equipments for poultry and rabbit breeding both for the domestic market and to export all over Europe, Africa and the Middle east.

The company’s growth is linked to its high degree of mechanization and flexibility when it comes to offering up-to-date technologies and high quality standard products and adapting its output, thanks to the contribution of the installation and post-sale service, to meet the specific needs of the customers.

The goods are delivered into special packages designed both to reduce overall dimensions and transport costs and, thanks to an easier identification of the content, to facilitate the handling at the receipt and shipment department.

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