Day old chicks heat lamp for poultry breeding

lampade riscaldanti per pulcini

Day old chicks heat lamp

During the first days of life the day old chicks heating need to be keeped into closed and heated areas.
Taking care of a confortable environment is very important during the first breeding step as animals are developping and getting their immune system stronger.
Mistakes made during this period determine general weakening of chicks resulting in more vulnerability and lower resistance to diseases which will manifest during the following steps.


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Animals density

Calibrating the animals density according to their age is, however, necessary.
The density of chicks should not be more than:

  • 40 chicks per square meter during their first 2 weeks of life
  • 20 birds between 3rd and 6th week of life
  • 10 birds starting from the age of 7 weeks (for broiler and poultry meat production)

Only in case of capon breeding (starting from the age of 6 months) the density is maximum 8 heads per square meter.

day old chicks heat lamp

Heating mode

Just after hatching, chicks need an environment temperature of about 32-33° C.
It is therefore necessary to switch on the heating system (indifferently if powered with electrical or gas supply) about 8-12 hours before the arrival of the chicks and adjust the height of the devices so that the temperature at the litter level reach 32-33° C. It is possible to check/control the temperature with a temperature sensor positionned near to the litter.
Chicks heating requirement is reducing with the raising of their age and this corresponds to 2,5-3,0° C less per week.

Swicthing-off the day old chicks heat lamp

Chicks heating system (i.e. gas broooders) have to be switched off when the minimum detected temperature near to the litter corresponds to the result of the following mathematic formula:
32°C – (2.5° or 3.0° C x week of age of chicks)

For example: if the minimum detected temperature near to the litter is 20°/22° C, the gas brooders should be definitively switched off at the chicks’ age of 4 weeks.


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