Blinkers for layers for not eating eggs

Blinkers for layers

Blinkers for layers

The reproduction activity of birds results in spawning and layers of every species are defending their eggs in the best way.
In the wild it never happens that females are eating their eggs. This behaviour also doesn’t appears in case of semi-loose keeping.
When layers go free all around into the farm or courtyard, they often spawn in the bushes and it never happens they eat them. It is therefore possible to find into a same place/nest several eggs spawned by different layers, but the layers never break or eat them. When this occur into the breeding farm, it indicates that something, which influences the layers behaviour not to recognize their product, is going wrong.

When layers are keeped into wrong situations such as unsuitable nests usage or bad situations which cause the egg breaking, they discover the coloured internal part of it (egg yolk) which focuses their attention resulting in curiosity and game stimulation.
As a game, the layers are therefore stimulated to continue to break the eggs to find the coloured ball and rapidly this becomes a vice. Since animals are normally learning by emulation, just few example are enough to start what is becoming a considerable problem.
In any case the reason of the problem is not attributable to food or vitamins/minerals shortage, but to a game that simply started because of a lack of knowledge concerning environmental requirements of the animals resulting in something which is not correctly running.

Prevention Methods

Very often the a.m. vice occur with layers coming from intensive breeding farms. It is therefore recommend to get hardy breed animals. Then it is necessary to prevent the breaking of the eggs by providing nests with more convenient design and taking care of a proper density and location of the nests into the farm.
Blinkers are also a good solution to get the layers to limit the habit as they block their direct view so that they could not clearly see, then break the eggs. Since kicking the habit is not always possible, physical removal still remain the last resort.
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