Thanks to the long-standing experience gained into rabbit domain, Contro Fratelli srl manufactures quality rabbit equipments to satisfy different requirements of a professional breeding farm at any step (pregnancy, reproduction / does, fattening period…)


The flexibility, versatility and ergonomics design of feeders, drinkers, cages and accessories enable breeders  to carry out more easily and quickly the operations  to grant the normal and correct management of the farm (such as cleaning, desinfection, insemination) and let the animals of any age to eat and drink comfortably.


Taking particularly care of details, as well as granting a superior durability of materials, permits to keep the environment more clean and healty, to prevent risks of diseases with consequent important production rate increasing.


Contro Fratelli srl offers also the complete range of complementary accessories to equip a turn key industrial use rabbit farm (building not included) such as automatic feeding system (for fodder delivery from silos to single cage), mechanical cleaning system (for manure removal), ventilation and cooling system (for environmental control) and much more.

Why to prefer Us

High quality

Superior durability

Made in Italy products

 Easily and Quickly

Carry out of the operations

Easier installation

Technology designed

To grant the best performances

At the most competitive price

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