Thanks to the long-standing experience gained into poultry domain, Contro Fratelli srl manufactures quality breeding equipments for poultry and courtyard animals such as chickens, layers, chicks, guinea fowls, geese, ducks, quails, turkeys, pheasants, etc….

The flexibility of feeders, drinkers, cages, gas brooders and accessories permits to satisfy different requirements of both professional / industrial and  domestic / hobby breeding at any step.

The praticality of products enables both professional breeders and smallholders to carry out more easily and quickly the operations to grant the normal and correct management of the farm.

The versatility of products let the animals of any age to eat and drink comfortably, living into an healty environment with consequent production rate increasing.

A.m. products are supplied into special convenient and strong packages which permit:

  • an important volume reduction and consequently lower incidence of logistics costs
  • easier and quicker identification, composition and handling of the products
  • the goods to travel safely and arrive in good condition (claim reduction)

which means important resources savings and more competitive final price.

Rather rapid delivery time of our supplies enables wholesalers and distributors to satisfy promptly and timely the different requirements of the customers with a consequent improvement of their satisfaction.

Made in Italy and Quality products

Why choose our products

High quality

Superior durability

Made in Italy products

Easily and Quickly

Carry out of the operations

Easier installation

Technology designed

To grant the best performances

At the most competitive price

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